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Mountain Sniper 3D Shooter

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Mountain Sniper 3D Shooter comes with non-stop action-packed adventure with real time graphics and advanced physics. Engage yourself in this epic mission to intercept, strike and eliminate the dangerous criminal gangs and discover the most compelling shooting experience on your mobile. Be the best shooter and see your enemies get blown away in the battlefield!!
Immerse yourself in intense firefights using both Sniper rifles and assault guns across unique 3D environments. Locate and eliminate hidden targets and fire your dynamic guns with the help of various flying machines. Destroy, smash & wipe out everything that comes your way to be a real time shooter.
Upgrade to powerful rifles and machine guns to improve accuracy, damage and range in this Mountain Sniper 3D Shooter game.
Mountain Sniper 3D Shooter features:
Over 25 assault and Sniper guns to choose from
Real - life stunning graphics
25 + levels in battle mode
More than five 3D environments
Addictive game-play
How to play:
- Tap phone/tablet on right side to shoot and left to zoom in & out.
- Tap anywhere to navigate the area.
- Target or aim your guns either by touching the screen to take down any item you want.

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Khả năng tương thích Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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